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Posted on 9/12/2013 at 9:10:43 AM

Family Photo

Almost a year has passed and what an amazing blissful heart opening year it was. Christian & I are filled with joy to announce the birth of our first child, Miss Olive Bea! We’ve been focused on parenthood, the pleasures that come with a new parent, while still finding balance in work, play, meditation, & yoga. The vacation rentals are staying full, the beaches and sunsets of Costa Rica continue to take my breath away, and our new bundle of light keeps us feeling loved more than ever. The support of our family and friends has been overwhelming. Love exists in EVERYTHING. It’s in the flowers, the sky, our conversations,  our eyes. Love is the very root of everything and we are feeling the LOVE! Olive is our little lover healer and we feel so blessed to have now joined the parents club. It’s a one of a kind club that’s for sure.

We are grateful for another wonderful year Costa Rica has gifted us! Now we are going 4 years strong in managing the rentals and retreats and business has really picked up. We LOVE all our guests and have noticed a wonderful return on just about all our seasonal guests. The properties are being booked even a year in advance! Be sure to lock in your dates with us, the calendar is filling fast.

Love & Light,

Christian, Dori, & Olive

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New Season, New Vibrations

Posted on 11/4/2012 at 11:41:43 AM

new season

The sun is shining and the weather is sweet indeed.  Rain season has come and gone, like ships passing through in the night.  Here at Perfect Bite, we are working hard on preparing for the new season.  Real Estate fire sales are popping up left and right.  Yes, we’ve all heard it over and over, but now is truly the time to invest in property, so why not invest is your perfect vacation home.  You can visit on your schedule and while away get paid by renting it out.  Vacation Rentals do great here.  A prime example of that is that one of the properties we manage, The Diria Condo, is booked solid until March 15, 2013!  We highly suggest putting in your request and deposit for next Spring for those interested in visiting from the end of March to May. 

November and going into high season brings us a full schedule of Yoga classes with Dori of Your Zen Yoga.  Be sure to browse through our website and notice all the changes and get updated with the new yoga schedule. 

This new season has much in store for us; new hope and good vibrations of the days to come.  A change of pace, a pickup in tourism, and new outlook on life.  We are surrounded by beauty and love.  Take this time to soak in all that you are grateful for and cherish those close to your heart.  Be light, The Thomsens

Green Season Delights

Posted on 5/12/2012 at 12:11:48 PM

Gold Coast Sunset









Gracias A Dios, a local saying here, is what got us through this past high season.  Tourism has picked up drastically, and everyone living and working in Costa Rica couldn’t have been more happier.  Even though is took us all by storm, it was a well needed economy booster.  Restaurants were packed, hotels sold out, and yoga classes were full.  Things are just now starting to slow down a bit, a perfect time to get organized and prepared for the next high season come November. 

This time of year the rain has returned, making small appearances,  hence the name “Green Season”.  The trees are beginning to get their lush green color back and the birds and monkeys are extra chatty with delight.  Personally, this is our most favorite time of year.  The rains come and go, cooling everything down in its path, and then just when you think it’s rainy day, the sun pops out and delivers you a breathtaking sunset. 

Do take advantage of our Green Season Vacation Rental rates.  This is the best time to make a visit.  There is less air and road traffic, better seating while dining out, and the beaches have more of a private feel to them. 

Visit our Vacation Rental web page for more info on our discounted rates

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We’ve been away…

Posted on 1/11/2012 at 4:46:42 PM

But have plenty of good to say!  The Diria Condo & Villa Orleans are available for March and April.  Be sure to book your spring fling trip in advance with us.  Mention this site and we’ll gladly present to you a pretty discount.  What’s on your list of “things to do” this year?  Why not add to it, Trip to Costa Rica…where your hammock in the shade awaits!  Hope to see you soon.  Many blessings on your journey.

Always, The Thomsens












Paradise found.

Posted on 1/15/2011 at 9:38:46 PM


villa orleans golf and yoga 







Step into Paradise Package…Recieve golf and yoga lessons on your next trip to Costa Rica!  Start your day with a yoga lesson at Villa Orleans and have a 18 hole play lesson on the renowned golf course of Robert Trent Jones III while staying at the beautifully appointed ocean views Diria Condo, centrally located in Playa Tamarindo.  Package includes yoga and golf lessons during your stay.  Be our guest!…click here for more information on the Diria Condo. 

Many blessings,  

Christian & Dori

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Entering Om…

Posted on 8/29/2010 at 1:50:02 PM

yin yang

“In joy and sorrow all are equal, thus be guardian of all, as of yourself.”  Shantideva

As the summer begins to wind down and with fall creeping up slowly, Perfect Bite thought it would be a grand idea to keep the good summer vibes flowing by extending our gratitude to everyone that made this season a memorable experience.  From our Costa Rica to State-side family, friends, neighbors, and strangers we thank you all.  We are forever thankful for every gift…every lesson learned.

This year has been filled with both joy and sorrow, but the sorrow always has its ways of turning into light.  Every moment is a blessing, whether it is judged to be good or bad, and is there to teach us something valuable.  In honor of our gratitude we are offering a super discount deal to those interested in renting the Diria Condo in Tamarindo, Costa Rica during Labor Day weekend for the months of September and October.  And, to those not in the area, we offer you a high five from our heart. 

Be sure to check in with Christian on the latest Real Estate deals.  And, give him big ol’ pat on the back for getting mentioned in the Mar Vista Quarterly for being an All-Star Realtor!! (Go to the p.b blog for more info.)  CT recently closed on 2 lots in the newly developing neighborhood over the summer session. 

Not to be forgotten, send your love and support to Dori for completing a course on getting certified to instruct yoga.  She spent a month at a retreat in Guatemala with ten amazing yogis working on the certification with Paula Tursi, owner of Reflections Yoga, an studio based out of New York City.  The course also included a certificate in Ancient Thai Massage Therapy, instructed by Peter K. Kristensen – Founder and teacher of LagoCph, in Copenhagen, Denmark.  In addition the yoga retreat included a range of studies that varied from meditation to Anatomy.  She is in the process of setting up yoga classes in the local community of Costa Rica and will be keeping us in the loop on her latest project, Perfect Zen Yoga!!




Back on track…

Posted on 4/10/2010 at 1:05:19 PM

buddha atardecer p.b.

The sun was warm but the wind was chill. You know how it is with an April day. ~Robert Frost


Springtime wind is making way and perfect bite blessings are making appearances.  To start the season off, p.b. celebrates 1 year thriving in Costa Rica!  It’s been a remarkable road traveled, and we are moving forward everyday.  Many thanks to everyone that contributed to a slice of this perfect bite.

In other p.b. news, things here in Costa Rica are looking up.  We are offering special vacation rental discounts right now in honor of celebrating our 1 year anniversary.  Nightly rate of $205, with private golf lesson included!  Be sure to book your stay with Christian while the special lasts, (ends mid June).

Costa Rica Real Estate is booming once again here.  It did get a little slow for a while there, so it’s good to see folks getting back into the groove.  Now is the time to buy.  There are great buys and ”smokin’ deals” as my boss, Chris Simmons, of Ocean Surf Remax would say.  We’d be more than happy to point you in the right direction.  If you have any interest or are jus a little curious, jump on the opportunity…por que no? 

This past year has been one beautiful perfect bite ride, indeed.  Muchas Gracias por todos! 

Mucho paz y amor,  

Christian & Dori


Posted on 1/31/2010 at 2:16:58 PM

perfect bite


 Hola, amigos!
   Thank you for checking out Perfect Bite Worldwide…Some of our favorite bites have been borne through the help of friends, family, and culture…combined with some love and you’ve got the Perfect Bite, or p.b. as we like to say; p.b. can be a number of things. It can be the obvious, being food ingredients perfectly placed together to make that one delicious bite. But it can also be the ingredients that of which life throws you; special moments with loved ones, remarkable occasions, blessings in disguise, unforgettable opportunities, breathtaking views, a melting pot of people all striving to conquer the same goal or even numerous goals, live music, and much much more. This website is dedicated to those moments…those perfect bite moments. We ask that you read with an open heart, chakra, and mind and return the love by sharing your perfect bite times with us. Now, let’s get this p.b. shining, shall we?…En salud y paz! 

Pura Vida!

Christian, Dori, & Nolia



the p.b. journey begins…

Posted on 9/15/2009 at 8:11:33 PM

Perfect Bite was established to please the pallet on a mental and physical level by…

  • Providing a pathway to rent or buy property in Costa Rica
  • Offering golf instruction in Costa Rica
  • Making art and photography available to view and purchase
  • Keeping in tune with the perfection of life

The Original Perfect Bite

The Original Perfect Bite

Perfect Bite – Coming Up!

Posted on 9/8/2009 at 2:03:41 PM

We just launched this site. Enlightening content coming soon…stay tuned! But, for now, please visit

Christian and Dori

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